Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sex and the obese sextagenarian taxi driver.

Spring has sprung in the sense that most of us had to spring our clocks forward an hour. At least one more snow storm ;is on the way.
I was raised not to judge people by their looks but I won't deny that some people are easier on the eyes than are other people such as Yours Truly, obese sextagenarian taxi driver (and pennieless too).  . One of the few benefits of my job is about to kick in. New York is a magnet for sexy looking women from all over the world and they are about to flower as they shed their cold weather gear and slip into more comfortable garments. And put themselves on parade all over this town. What's not to love?
Spring is when even a fat old taxi driver's  mind turns to sex.
In the days when I was younger,  much leaner and something of an exotic looking hairy freak (and single) even I had a couple or few crazy adventures.
Which brings me to a couple of nights ago. This ordinary guy got into my taxi in Williamsburg. He was going to a certain intersection in Queens where I once had a wild, crazy, random and quite memorable adventure. And remember it I did although we are talking decades ago.
Now I don't generally initiate conversations with passengers but this guy wanted to talk. Cars, sports, guy talk. I don't give a rat's ass about that stuff myself. I have little to say about either. I thought I would change the subject and I brought up this adventure I had had on the very corner we were going to. The guy was enthusiastically asking for details which made me not comfortable so I summed it up as having been wild, pleasant and fortuitous.
So the guy says to me "did you ever ho outside the box?" I counter with my live and let live but sex with a man is not my personal cup of tea thing.
The guy was begging, to do felatio on me. He even offered me $75.00.
Poor guy. I cannot imagine his pain and desperation. No, I didn't.