Friday, March 14, 2014

The people of the Crimean Autonomous Republic are voting on Sunday to separate from temporarily nazi occupied Kievistan. But tbere are Jewish leaders and supporters of the anti Russian coup government so how can this be?

The coup regime in the Ukraine is an odd hybrid. While ministries of the military, agriculture and education given over to Svoboda, a street fightef orientated pro nazi group  people  of Jewish descent are also prominent members  and supporters of the coup government. Would this seem illogical and even give ammunition to the disinformers in the west who point to these folks and shout that it is impossible for such a coalition to exist and that the stated fears of Ukranians and Russians of nazi power are lies. Actually there is no immutable law that says that Jews and nazis can't be on the same political andi mlitary page. In the picture below second row, second from the right is Leo Skurnik, a Finn of Jewish ancrstry who fought for the nazis against the Soviet Union and got awarxed an iron cross. 

You sre invited to google the name Max Nauman and also Association og German National Jews who supported Hitler. This nazi- jrwish connection was real and is again in the Uktaine. So the short answer is: Jews and nazis have indeed been on the same page before and are again. I wi be having more to say about this connection.