Wednesday, April 23, 2014

16 taxi dispatchers at JFK Airport arrested for taking money from taxi drivers and getting them better fares sooner than the honest driver gets any fare at all.

The taxi business both attracts the criminal minded and brings out the larceny in men's and women's souls. Law abiding rule obeying taxi drivers experience the reality that virtue is its own reward and "rules are for fools."
Pretty much everyone in the taxi business has his hand in the drivers' pocket, including taxi drivers who resort to bribery. Some drivers adapt to this ethical climate better than others. Drivers who are in with the airport dispatchers vet the best jobs, get past pesky lines and make more money.
Every few years a bunch of airport dispatchers get caught. This gang at JFK is not alone and I am sure nervous dispatchers at La Guardia are next.
Now, Mayor de Blasio kindly direct your Taxi and Limousine Commission to tell the fleets to stop stealing six cents out of every taxi trip.