Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Washington State Mudslide is a wake up and a warning.

Science saw the Washington mudslide coming. Next time, let's Google it first | Daniel J Miller

24 people are known dead, 22 are missing in a catastrophe that was forseeable, forseen, warned about and inadequately prepared for.

Superstorm Sandy wasn't quite hurricane strength but it hit New York under the worse condition of high tide.

Back in 1938 a category five hurricane just missed New York hitting full force :in what was then rural Long Island. Predating any notion of global warming had this storm hit New York the damage to life and property would have made Sandy look like nothing at all. Given the dawdling reconstruction post 9/11 and post Sandy there might not have been much of a city here at all in 2001.

Not long ago an ancient water main broke on lower Fifth Avenue and two weeks ago a gas pipe 135 years old blew up killing several people in two structurally unsound apartment buildings.. Park Avenue remains impassible for several blocks.

Can you spell "Manhattan Project" for ojr infrastruccturd? Is your city much more prepared than New York is?