Saturday, April 5, 2014

To New York City Councilman Brad Lander - Why not ask former Comptroller John Liu and current Comptroller Scott Stringer why they won't register the Bhairavi Desai scam. Ask the City's own lawyers why they are afraid to endorse it. I am asking you here in public by what right the Taxi and Limousine Commission continues to take from the hard working drivers six cents out of every yellow taxi fare when your own lawyers won't endorse this plan. You have a damned nerve mister councilman. Meera Joshi if any taxi drivers are enthusiastic about this plan they would be drivers who think they are buying health coverage for their families and drivers who have been promised jobs in this scam.

"And you were General Counsel when the rules were promulgated and the contract was drafted … so you were comfortable in your role as General Counsel with how this moved forward and see it as a priority to get it [the Health and Disability Fund] established." - Brad Lander, NY City Council Member & Chair of Committee on Rules to Meera Joshi, Nominee for TLC Chairperson