Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A jackball taxi driver whose path I crossed

It was Monday evening and I was way behind my game, having got a late start followed by a complete automobile breakdown. By the time the tow truck arrived it was ten o'clock and my gross was less than half an acceptable number. I headed empty to New York Waterways. There I came upon a true jackball taxi driver. Unfortunately my phone/ camera was tapped out so I couldn't capture the scene.

The jackball had gone into the bike lane and knocked down a bicyclist who had the green light and therefore the right of way without a contest.  Fortunately the cyclist got up off the ground on his own power.  A few cyclists, skateboarders, and joggers gathered themselves around the jackball's car. One guy started to mame a video which has got to be getting hits on you tube.

As the victim looked a bit confused I rolled down my window and shouted ; " he knocked you down. No question, call the cops." Jackball was running his mouth for the camera. I picked up a passenger and got out of there.