Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gabriel Diaz Dominican nazi taxi driver. I smell hypocrisy.

Gabriel Diaz opened his place of business , a New York taxi that he either rents or owns one recent day while wearing a swastika arm band.  One or more of his passengers got upset, the ADL got into the mix and Diaz' hack license got suspended.

I smell hypocrisy.

I have posted nazi graffiti that was on uninterrupted display at La Guardia Airport for ages, I tweeted this to the Port Authority which did nothing.  I did it again. The graffiti was removed weeks later.

BTW John McCain appeared onstage in Kiev with a prominent Ukrainian Nazi.Tyanhnybok, who has met with Victoria Nuland.

I hope Diaz sues the City.of New York on the grounds of his first amendment rights and on the grounds that United States policy is that nazis are fighters for freedom.

La Guardia Airport New York, New York