Sunday, May 25, 2014

Poroshenko, Ukraine's next President has Jewish background and lots of problems.

Back in 1956 a Russian Jew, Alexei Valtsman of Odessa, married a Ukrainian girl named Yevgenia Poroshenko and took her name.

Petro Poroshenko was one result of this union. Petro, a billionaire candy magnate, was once listed by Forbes Israel as one of the world's richest Jews.

Poroshenko who is expected to become rump President of Rump Ukraine has been virtually anointed to become top dog with a predicted 30% of today's vote.

There was no vote taken throughout most of the newly independent nation Novorussia, where most of former Ukraine's mineral wealth and industry, tethered to the Russian economy is located.

The so called provisional government of Ukraine has taken on a gigantic debt that will not be paid down without recapturing and bleeding the newly independent territories of Former east Ukraine.  

On top.of that Poroshenko faces a dissolving mutinous military recently reinforced by hastily recruited nazi street thugs who hate Poroshenko and foreign mercenaries.

The nazi rank and file are not expected to embrace "Europe" nor austerity.

Ukraine's due to pay Russia in advance for future gas shipments on June first or be cut off. Much of Europe's gas goes from Russia through Ukraine.

Good luck with all that, Petro Poroshenko!