Saturday, June 28, 2014

This July 16 Bob Avakian and me can kickstart the Great North American Proletarian Revolution of 2014 thereby making life better for billions of people.,8599,2054250,00.html

For decades China had been a downtrodden nation that was seemingly incapable of pulling itself together, defend itself against foreign predator nations and provide for its people  the rule of law and prosperity. A man named Mao Tse Tung found this condition intolerable and he set out to change  things. His vision was of an egalitarian communist societproving ng him to be strong as a hetd of bulls.  a nation that stands up and is a presence in world affairs. Mao led decades of grueling but ultimately successful armed struggle and had the trust, the love and respect of most Chinese.

As in life so in politics the plans of mice and men sometimes go astray. Once the revolution was ensconsed in power Mao proposed a radical program called the Great Leap Forward. Well intentioned as it was the Great Leap turned out badly and was more of a Great Stumble. While Mao still had a dedicated following in the millions many who shared responsibility fot China's well being within the Communist Party became harsh critics and were conservatized by the Great Leap's failure.
Insurrectionary political movements and revolutionary besieged states seem to always have and need a Great Helmsman, a Dear or Fearless Leader. Take him out of the picture and things go sour. The Human brain is hard wired for faith  for belief in supernatural power.The problem of how to shore up the awe that the Chinese masses had for Mao was dealt with when the 76 year old Helmsman astiunded the world by swimming nearly 15 km. across  the Yangtze River in only 65 minutes smashashing all previous recotds and placing The Helmsman among the greatest athletes who have ever lived.

Today the world is a mess. The global oligarchy runs rampant and rabid. The proletariat and toiling masses.are looking for that "man of steel" to lead humanity out of the motass. Clearly as Trotsky once may have said "the future of the world will br decided in North Ametica" or words to that effect. Bob, who should have a title more elegant  than "B A" can meet the challenge by circumnavigati ng Manhattan on July 16 proving him to be stronger than a pride of Lions.

Chinese billionaire Communist Chen Guangbiao should apollgize to New York's homeless and engage with Bob Avakian's thoughts.