Thursday, June 26, 2014

On suspended incredulity


Have you heard the one about the bear that walked into the bar? The bartender said to the bear "what'll it be"? The bear orders a beer "and......and peanuts." The bartender says"why the long paws"?

To even give this joke a chance of being funny to you you had to suspend your incredulity.

Now some of what I am aNato, with Dyria, a possible counter insurgency looms in Iraq.  to say is very controversial. Some of it is settled in that the original version of the event that was given to the public by both media and the state are known to be untrue.

Back in 1898 the US warship USS Maine enterred Havana harbor amidst an independence struggle against Spain. Spain was relatively weak and had no motive for a war with the US. An explosion ripped through the ship killing around 260 US enlisted men. At the time of the explosion almost all of the officers were off the ship. Historians say there never was a competent investigation. Spain denied responsibility. "Remember the Maine." became the battlecry of the US war with Spain that reulted in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines

The sinking of the British passenger ship Lusitania by a German  U boat off the English coast cost over a thousand lives, 128 of whom were Americans. Of course it would be an.outrageousvcrime for a naval ship of war to attack a crowded passenger ship.They taught me in school that this unprovoked crime brought my country into the War to End All Wars. The trouble is that the ship was loaded with munitions meantbto be used against Germany. So the crime was to hide these lethal war materials on a crowded passenger ship and then send it into a war zone.

Pearl Harbor is more controversial. There is reason at least to doubt that it  was unprovoked. and not expected.

The Tonkin Gulf Incident resulted in axSenate resolution that opened up the US air war against North Vietnam. It was a fabrication.

Iraq's supposed weapnsbof mass destruction - an outright falsehood. Iraq's sheltering of al Quaeda- a lie. Al quaeda  nestled in the US enforced no fly zone effectively ubder US protection.

No one fron Afghanistan was involved in the World Trade Center attack. The AfghanistanTaliiban, longvtime friends of the Bush clan,  offered twice to turn bin Ladn over if any proof of his guilt for 911 would be presented.

Now we are on the edge of war with Russia whose war making capacity is dwarfed by the US and Nato. War looms again in Iraq and in Syria and perhsps with Iran too.

Ask yourself why your government is spying on you. Could it be they foresee a time when the American people will rise up against the rigged game called politics under the One Percent dictatorship we have right now?
I am talking about election promises that have no meaning, dropping standard of living greased by doctored statistics.

Most of all I am talking about war.

Get all sides. Read and watch RT. Read the writings of Paul Craig Roberts. Check out Counterpunch and Global Research. All are still available online.