Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"New Frontier" hyped for East New York. (Cowboys and Indians).

The Gothamist reports on a Real Estate listing under the heading "New Frontier" and it's about real estate interests wanting to replace Black tenants with white tenants in the "edgy"Brooklyn  neighborhood of East New York.

A one bedroom apartment goes for $900 tp $1050 per month and two bedroom apartments will fetch $1500 per month. Given that the average New York City apartment costs a bit over three thousand per month these are cheap, around what average apartments might cost in Burlington or Baltimore. 

So it's not the richest who mske up gentrification's first wave and it's a safe bet that lots of the new East New Yorkers will themselves be swept out if the moneyed of America and the world continue their march into my home town. 
Average household income in Brooklyn is just under $45000. In the poorest census tracts in NYC household incomes hover around $20000.

The demographic changes throughout the city but especially Brooklyn are breathtaking. Not many years ago Bushwick was an impoverished ghetto neighborhood. Now it's dotted with trendy bars that cater yo a younger whiter crowd and taxis prowl the streets at night.

The question I never see asked or answered is"where are the people who lived here a few years ago?