Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I haven't had much to say about Israel and Palestine lately.

Some upsetting things have happened lately over there. Three Jewish kids were abducted while hitchhiking in Palestinian territory. They were found dead and all sorts of repercussions, mainly bad for  Palestinians, have followed with aerial bombardment of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the severe  beating by Israeli cops of an American boy whose Palestinian cousin had been killed by Israelis. Now Israel is mobilizing soldiers for a possible assault on Gaza.

Not very many miles away an American ally once called al Qaeda in Iraq now claims to rule a caliphate, a Sunni Islamic state that is the sapling of a future Islamic Empire that is supposedly going to include  Israel and Spain. The caliphate, once called ISIS, has scored some amazing almost unbelievable victories over  Iraq's army. The Caliphate is in "take no prisoners" mode, killing soldiers  who surrender to them and has burnt down mosques that they consider not to be truly Islamic. Curiously neither Israel, the U S nor Nato have lifted a finger against the Caliphate.

A few hundred miles further north we have American and Israeli mercenaries aiding clearly racial supremacist pro nazi Ukrainians in expelling ethnic Russians who they describe as insects from Eastern Ukraine through terror bombing of towns and villages.

The U S economy is back in recession if not yet officially as several nations including American ally South Korea are moving to dump the dollar as the currency of internal trade.

The world is on the edge of catastrophe and Israel continues to provoke the sentiments of Muslims with its cruelty and its dtive to push Muslims out of Palestine.

I do not know if the Caliphate that is an evolved descendent of US ally al Qaeda has completely escaped the leash and collar of its US and Gulf Royal backers or is still serving them today.

Muslim frustration with Western intefference and Jewish has fueled the religious extremism and seemingly implacable unreasonableness found in the Caliphate.

Tbe west and Israel seem to prefer dealing with the Caliph to dealing with secular leaders like Assad and Saddam .