Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Update: Lucky Lucania of Big City Taxi Garage


Lucania was taking $40 per week from these 35 drivers  to:exempt them from working lousy shifts. This is in sddition yo thr frw hundreds of dollars he collected weekly in two to five dollar tips. 

Competition for drivers is intensifying. 

Dispatchers have lots of power over drivers in taxi fleet operations. As a rule the topmanagement and owners do not actively concern themselves with the details of the dispatch operation of their own businesses so long as they get rent paid on every taxi. Drivers are hired every day on an "on the waterfront" basis although there are nominlal rules that are honored in the breach. For example a driver who shows up for work on lousy shifts gets priority to work the good shifts. Well for years it really wasn't so at Big City! Reportedly when his racket got stopped Lucania was collecting $40 per day each from 35 drivers. 

How top management was not aware is unclear. Lucania reportedly owns several hotels in the Dominican Republic. 

Believe this is possibly true?