Sunday, July 20, 2014

Taxi lost and found - Giving myself and many taxi drivers a pat on the back since Ira Hammons - Glass already did.

This guy took my taxi to a five star hotel, got out and walked into the hotel. Nothing unusual.

I went back to work scouring the streets for passengers. At some point a passenger found this wallet and eye glasses in the back and gave them to me. There was some cash and lots of documents.

I searched google for some kind of contact. I did not remember this passenger and did not find a facebook or twitter account. I was almost resigned to bringing his stuff to a designated lost and found NYPD precinct but to tell the truth some of those guys detest being annoyed with work. Last time I brought lost stuff to them the cop at the desk was giving me the third degree. This cop threatened me with a Law Enforcement Referral to the TLC which ultimately sent me an email  telling me that I should come pick up my lost property that a taxi driver had recovered.

Anyhow as I was about to subject myself to this crap yet sgain I stumbled on a hotel redeipt and that jarred my memory and put it all into focus. Ira gave me a nice reward. The hotel security guy gave me a handshake and told me about a cabbie who rrecovered a wallet with €2000 in it.

Yes this is self serving and self congratulatory. Just saying there are taxi drivets who eant to do the right thing which Ira did as eell.