Monday, August 18, 2014

Michael Brown assassinated twice. (Video shows He paid for the cigars).
Michael Brown, an 18 year old young Black man

Not tbat it ought to matter but it looks like Mike Brown was not gulty of stealing cigars, which is the latest excuse of the day from Missouri Police as to why one of their officers summarily executed 18 year old big and Black Michael Brown. The URL above takes you to a video that shows what appears to be a big Black guy paying a store clerk.

The original police fable (there is still no official preliminary investigation coming from the police) had no mention  of stolen cigars. In the first fable in this evolving off the record  saga had the big Black teenager lunging at the Executing Officer after refusing to obey a police directive to stop jay walking.

Two witnesses who spoke immediaty after the execution and who had no opportunity to collaborate in a fable have the teenager being shot at and fleeing then moving towards the cop with his hands up in the univets al signal of surrender being shot at continually. Autopsy shows the teenager being hit by at least six hullets with the final and fatal two shots to his head.

Courageous peole in Ferguson Missouri are refusing to let this racial execution be burried by the medja in the American public's notorious short and flawed memory. They are insisting on their right to make demands that truth and justice be served and so are inhaliing tear gas served up by Iraq and Afghanistan trained and equipped  psychopath cops.

The top photo shows US troops in Iraq. The bottom shows your suited up for Iraq cops who maintain peace at political demonstrations like in Missouri.