Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The extreme hatred of Russia blinds people to reality

Russia is fending off a gang up by a bunch of hyena nations dwtermined to break up, strip  and pauperize this multi ethnic land that is sparsely populated but rich in resources like Canada.

It was Russia that had the nerve to have a revolution in 1917 that was about ending the suffering of its people caused by World Ii and a backward feudal like economy. With all the warts this adventure developed and all the efforts of more powerful nations to end the power of the USSR  the collapse came, Gorbachev believed the lies that Russia would no longer be encircled and threatened.

Using Islamist fanatics the west tried to rip oil rich Chechnaya from the multi ethnic federation. Stooge buffoon drunkard Boris Yeltsin, a "white hat" gave the wealth of Russia away and led to a evastating collapse that the leadership of Vladimir Putin has halted and reversed.

Using Ukrainian racists they try to bait Russia into an Iraq or Vietnam like quagmire..

Putin denied them historically Russian Crimeaas a base against Russia.

Russia does not have any nice or easy or pretty alternatives open while the neo nazi led Ukrainian military shells Russian speaking civilians and has unleashed a flood of refugees.