Saturday, September 20, 2014

Operation Elmo - Why the hate?

This woman's image was tweeted world wide by NYPD. She was arrested apparently for being "crazy", making anti Jewish remarks and asking for tips from people who posed her for photographs. Locked up and charged with I don't know what. Oh, she's an Hispanic woman who lives day to day from this little business she tries to run - dressing like the cartoon character Elmo, posing for photos with tourists and asking for tips. Okay, maybe demanding tips, I don't know. Yes, she's on her knees with her hands cuffe4d behind her back.

NYPS is very concerned now with these paupers who dress up as comic book and movie characters, and pose for tips in Times Square. They've posted signs and handed out leaflets telling the tourists that they do not have to tip these people once they use their services. Knowing European culture, I can imagine they are suffering mightily from the NYPD proclaiming that their labor is free of charge.

Zionist rich Jewish lady Pamela Geller has $100,000 to spend posting hate literature on New York subway property and this is deemed okay. She is not Elmo.

 October 1968. Those days were not like today.I was arrested in a demonstration against a public appearance by the segregationist presidential candidate George Wallace, handcuffed, beaten and thrown down a flight of stairs while handcuffed to a Black man arrested at the same time.  After they finished up with this welcomeing session they booked me and the poor Black guy too for riot, incitement to riot, attempted felonious assault, and their all time favorite, "resisting arrest."

If you go to the link you'll see that Karma, or God got baqck at NYPD for doing this and that these brutes actually saved me from a choice - go to Vietnam or become an exile. For that I thank God and even those thug cops.