Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Washington Post: Secret Service Screwed up badly in the case of seven rounds of Rifle Fire shot into White House Residence in 2011 and now we learn that an armed intruder made it into The Green Room just days ago.


Sasha Obama was home in the White House  residence with her grandmother  on that night in November of 2011 when a man with a military style semi automatic rifle fired seven shots into the White House residence. The Secret Service agents on the scene were ordered to stand down! Supposedly the Secret Service remained convinced for days that no shots had been fired at the White House. Damage to the residence was serious yet unnoted for days.
Now a guy can break into the White House while wielding s knife, overpower a secret service agent, enter a sensitive area of the President's residence and not get shot. A black man though can be shout dead while running away from police or while carrying a toy gun in the store where those toys are unboxed and waiting to be carried to the check out counter.

I believe it is possible that the President is receiving earnings from our Permanent Government.

 As difficult as it is to grasp Obama is, in the context of Washington mainstream politics a foot dragger who is aleays looking for a reason not to bomb or srnd troops for an invasion.

These lapses are too extreme to simply be coincidences.