Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is Andrea Peyser David Duke's kind of media Jewess.


Never uses the "n word." (Not in print, anyhow).

But doesn't give 'em a break - not ever.

The Staten Island Borough Commander of the NYPD had two cops do something half decent on behalf of the mother of Eric Garner and look out!

Ms. Peyser wants three cops' heads on a silver patter!

You remember Eric Garner- He was the obese diabetic African American man who NYPD choked to death - for selling loose cigarettes on a Staten Island ghetto street corner. It went viral on You Tube. The poor guy saying "I can't breathe." And then he was dead. 

So, that was in July and the cops involved are still on the NYPD payroll. The Wheels of Justice moving exceedingly slow- so they say.

Eric Garner's mom went for a drive in her ancient automobile. One headlight was burnt out -  and low and behold, she got a ticket. The ordinary way such a ticket gets resolved, or "fixed" if you will- is quite simple.

The motorist replaces the headlight within 24 hours, takes the car to any NYPD precinct, shows the repair to the cop at the desk. The desk cop fills out a form stating that the violation has been resolved, the motorist mails the form to Albany with "not guilty" ticked off on the summons and presto change- o the ticket is fixed.

That's not the way cops have routinely fixed more serious matters- like drunk driving and wife beating- for themselves, each other,  relatives, friends and "supportive" politicians and business people for ages in New York City.

Somehow an investigator in the Bronx latched on to a ticket fixing ring and went after the cop malefactors. That investigator found himself in a world of pain but the case went to court. Hundreds of cops rioted outside the courthouse and Andrea Peyser was not outraged.

When two cops fixed a headlight for Mrs. Garner Peyser went ballistic complete with "Reverend Al" n word code and demands for heads to roll. These cops were actually doing something I've seen other cops do. In fact a cop once pushed my broken down taxi off a highway with his cop car rather than make me wait for an expensive tow. Nice of him- sometimes cops do nice things for people. A couple of times I've seen cops change flat tires for disabled motorists too. Not every day but it happens.

David Duke hates hypocrisy and inconsistency. (Yeah, tight). is distraught because he sees prominent Jews siding with Blacks in the US while supporting Israeli racism and Jewish supremacist separatism. Here is Andrea Peyser, Dave. Your kind of Jewrss?

NYPD cops riot in support of  buddies' ticket fixing Bronx Courthouse 2011.