Sunday, October 26, 2014

It seems that taxi medallion mogul Evgeny Friedman is in trouble and I wonder why.

Karma Police, arrest this man
He talks in maths
He buzzes like a fridge
He's like a detuned radio....

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get when you mess with us

Radio Head

Friedman at the podium. Also shown is former TLC chaiman now Lyft illegal taxi company consultant David Yassky.

I think I never met Evgeny Friedman but I know he's not one of my favorite people because like other taxi medallion speculators he has made lots of money from the aching backs  and abused kidneys of taxi drivers just like me.

The first thing I thought when Friedman  clashed in public with then mayor Bloomberg was "a plague on both their houses". Bloomberg threatened to destroy Friedman and the taxi business - and low and behold!  lately Friedman's been finding himself in troubles that others of his stripe have not had to confront. Bhairavi Desai ,unelected  leader of a fake taxi union, apparently rounded up some agrieved Friedman drivers and got Schneiderman to personally go after Friedman - twice. Now, taxi drivers in New York have been illegally overcharged and even extorted in taxi fleet garages since before Danny DeVito was Louie da Palma, an extortionist taxi dispatcher in the 1970's television situation comedy "Taxi."   As far as I know Desai and the Attorney General.have not gone after any other taxi fleet owner. 

So, kiddies, now we have published accusations that Friedman has not psid New York State taxes. Yet his name is not on the New York

Not long ago Bhairavi Desai, leader rned cash is a scoundrel annof a fake  Bloomberg annointed so-called union has managed to get the personal attention and assistance on the Attorney General of the State of New York not 

Friedman has been also accused in the media with not giving some of his drivers their money collected from credit card passengers. Anyone who takes taxi dtrivers' hard earned ccash is a scoundrel and a criminal. If Friedman really is doing this to his drivers he must be punished and forced to make monetary reparations to his drivets. The City is still holding millions of dollars it grabbed from the drivers at six cents a ride. The money was going to be given to Desai so that she could show taxi drivers how to apply for "Obama Care."

Danny De Vito as extortionist taxi fleet manager @1975