Monday, October 13, 2014

Nicholas Kristoff's fervent wish and burning American Flags in Missouri

A flag is a piece of cloth with some designs on it. The United States flag is an object of idolatry that symbolizes quite different things to different people.

When I was in first grade us kids had to face a flag, put our right hands over our hearts and recite the pledge of allegiance, something I totally did not understand. I thought that Richard Stanz was the owner of the country and that the republic existed for him.

I pledge a leejenz to the flag
of the anited states of a merrika
An to the republic of Richard Stanz
One nayshin individual with libatty an' justiss for all.

(Congress had not put God into the pledge yet.)

To me the flag represents compromised "principles" that led to the current situation - no more lynch mobs - the cops take care of that. Non stop lies and mindless distractions in the media.

A death count in the millions of victims world wide

Nicholas Kristoff of the New York Times has written passionately about the dire situation of the African American People and the total isolation it suffers from a white majority, arrogant and willfully ignorant in my opinion.

Kristoff says we need a Nelson Mandela in the US now. Bob Avakian says we need to burn flags and pay attention to him.

Burning flsgs changes the subject. The subject on the agenda is the dire situation of the descendants of United States' slaves, which, by the way President Obama is not.

Nelson Mandela needed the Cuban Army's help to deal a defeat to apartheid and also, once the Soviet Union collapsed he got the support of western liberals who had been hesitant due to fears that Mandela and the ANC were agents of Soviet influence.

In terms of economic progress and real equality with whites South Africa's Blacks haven't seen much progress.
How about the Black Moses that J Edgar Hoover vowed would not arise in Murrika. Another Malcolm. And how about another John Brown too.