Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stay Away From Dr. Mohammed Haque of Harlem! Bad Bad Bad News and I am not the only one who says so!

Eugene W.
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Stay away! Very bad news this butcher is. I went to an allied Dr Haque clinic on 12 5 Street for a check up. PSA 60. Make a urology appt for Oct 7 @ 5pm. Get there.4:30  Finally get staff attention. Guess what? They've changed my appointment for "the 18th. What day of the week I ask the clerk. "Tuesday" "How can that be if today is Tuesday?" "Oh NOVEMBER 18!
is Tuesday?" "Oh NOVEMBER 18!
  • Tan R.
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  • Kitty K.
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    I strongly advise everyone to stay away from this place! Not only is it a shady establishment, but it is filthy and extremely unsanitary. When you visit a doctor's office you expect to be treated in a courteous manner, but these women are rude and unprofessional. They wouldn't even allow me to speak with the doctor or ask him a simple question. And when asked for some sort of contact information I was given a general email without a reputable domain. STAY AWAY!!!