Sunday, January 4, 2015

#NoQueroSerLaMitad Is a heart tugging musical call for unity in Venezuela

Gran Coquivacoa gaitera opens season with "I do not want to be half"

The issue brings together the voices of the group leader, "Neguito" Borjas, Francisco Pacheco and Iván Pérez Rossi (Serenata Guayanesa)

"The theme speaks of the polarization that has divided us as a country and that does not allow us to see each other musical as partners, as a beautiful family," said "Neguito" Borjas.

"With our message we want to get Venezuela and the world to call for peace and reconciliation of all Venezuelans, children of one country," says Gran Coquivacoa. "Jesus Petit, Neguito Borjas, Oscar Borjas, Fernando Mindiola, Javier Zalez, Luis Hernandez, musicians and the entire family of Gran Coquivacoa. We invite you to enjoy our visual message and we thank each of our verduguitos for the support obtained. God and La Virgen de Chiquinquirá bless you. "

Venezuela is a beautiful country that is beset with enormous problems. Venezuelans, though have the capacity to face the crisis and overcome it with mutual respect, love for each other, hard work and resolve.