Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fourteen year old boy shot by cop during anti government demonstration in Venezuela

Venezuelan 14-year-old shot dead during anti-government protest
Before we all go running to rescue Venezuela in the name of humor rights  let`s take a collective deep breath and count  to ten.
A fourteen year old boy who was involved in a confrontation between hooded and bandana wearing youths and police in San Cristobal Venezuela was shot and killed. 
Lots of people are upset and are using this unhappy incident to characterize Venezuela as a dictatorship whose people need rescuing.
Venezuela is in a political gridlock caught in an economic crisis.  It is also caught between an unpopular president and an even more unpopular opposition.
One reason the opposition is so unpopular is the wave of violent protests it unleashed a year ago
These protests were frankly called to force President Maduro to resign even though there is a peaceful and legal way to do this.
The demonstration in San Cristobal was relatively small  but quite aggressive true to form.
The ruling party,  the Venezuelans United Socialise Party has condemned the shooting as has the federal ombudsman
The suspect cop is locked up.  The incident is being investigated.  Let the law do its job.  Cops in Venezuela do not enjoy impunity.