Saturday, December 8, 2012

An interview I almost did yesterday

A young woman in my taxi wanted to tell me a story for this blog but she did not want to be on camera. I am sorry about that because I would have asked her some questions that would need answering.

She told me that she was ejected from a music venue called Brooklyn Bowl. Her story was: She went to the bathroom where she met up with three "gorgeous Brazilian girls" and the proceeded to smoke a joint. A nasty obese  female African American security guard came upon the scene and raised havoc, threatening to call police, but settling for their ejection from the establishment.
The young lady found this incident to be an outrage (against herself).

Here are the questions I would have wanted her to answer:

Do you think it's right to impose your drug of choice on others? (Second hand smoke.)

If you enjoy Brooklyn Bowl, do you think other people do too? If so why would you take it upon yourself to endanger their liquor license and probably half a dozen other licenses?

Oh, yeah and that terrible security guard whose personal appearance and ethnicity were both so key to your travails, and who did her job in spite of you being such a nice person, probably has seen more trouble than you have dreamt in all your worse nightmares. Do you think she should have risked her job for our momentary enjoyment?

Yeah, damned shame I couldn't get her on camera.