Monday, December 10, 2012

Mike Bloomberg - an accident waiting to happen

I had a nightmare about this that made me want to tell the world we've got to stop Mikey. Michael Bloomberg, arrogant 0.001% twit, endangers innocent lives at LaGuardia Airport Or Not 2B by Seth Mullendore (
Or Not 2B Comics This is old news I posted elsewhere under my aka. When people tell me that Mike Bloomberg is a great mayor I get a terrible premonition - A bird or many birds are flying into the engines of a jet plane hat's taking off from LaGuardia- the plane isw don, over Astoria, and hundreds of passengers and residents are dead. Because Mike is always right:

Miracle on Hudson' pilot Sully attacks Bloomberg's trash plan near LaGuardia CARLY BALDWIN 14 May 2012 01:55 Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, left, and co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles in the cockpit at LaGuardia Airport on Sullenberger's first day back after the "Miracle on the Hudson." Sully is now retired. “Miracle on the Hudson” hero Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger has told Metro before how he opposes Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to build a waste-transfer station next to LaGuardia Airport. Now Sully's taking his opinions to the airwaves.

 Sullenberger will be part of a radio ad campaign that criticizes the plan. The ads will hit airwaves tomorrow, Tuesday. Critics, including Sully, say the trash station will attract birds by the thousand — just like the Canadian geese that flew into the engines of his plane in 2009 and forced him to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River. The waste transfer station “will attract birds into the path of oncoming flights, putting thousands of lives at risk, including passengers in the sky and citizens on the ground," Sully says in the ads. “The birds will learn that there’s food there, and they will keep returning,” Sully told Metro earlier this year about the plan. And it’s not just geese, he said — garbage will attract all kinds of birds, any of which could be a threat.

 Construction has already started on the garbage facility, located 735 yards from one of LaGuardia’s runways. Ken Paskar is head of the group Friends of LaGuardia, which sued the city in 2011 to prevent it from opening. The group said birds will flock to the North Shore Marine Transfer Station, drawn to the estimated 3,000 tons of garbage the facility is expected to handle every day. “Have you ever stood on the beach and thrown a potato chip in the air? A hundred birds come,” he told Metro earlier this year. “One potato chip brings a whole flock. Three thousand tons is insane.” I happen to be a NYC taxi driver. At the airports there are signs telling taxi drivers not to feed the birds. Ask yourself Bloomberg, "Why Is that?"

PS google for videos "sullenberger v.s. Bloomberg and think about Money's power to shut people up.