Sunday, January 27, 2013

The List of who has a gun permit in New York City (New York Master Pistol Database)

Well, for anyone who's not been inside a public housing building, here it is, at 5:00 am on a Thursday morning.

What I know is that I drive a taxi which is a bright yellow car with all sorts of lights and numbers on it. My name and address is public record because I am licensed by the City. I am not allowed any means of self defense in this car, though it comprises an advertisement saying that the driver has several hundred dollars on him and no means of self defense. I live in a public housing project where often as not the front door of the building has no functional lock, or unknown people have placed a wedge to keep the door open and people who have no lawful connection with any lawful resident come and go and do whatever they do in the stairwells. I have been working on a book, fiction real enough in which there is a rape because of this and the police have falsified records of patrolling and observing that location, and the fiction is based upon fact.(The book's working title is Albert Einstein's Cosmic Alarm Clock.)

You might be surprised what records are public.


NY Master Pistol Permit Database

New York Penal Law § 400.00(5)
5. Filing of approved applications. The application for any license, 
if granted, shall be filed by the licensing officer with the clerk of the 
county of issuance, except that in the city of New York and, in the 
counties of Nassau and Suffolk, the licensing officer shall designate
 the place of filing in the appropriate division, bureau or unit of the 
police department thereof, and in the county of Suffolk the county 
clerk is hereby authorized to transfer all records or applications relating to
 firearms to the licensing authority of that county. The name and address
 of any person to whom an application for any license has been
 granted site shall be a public record. Upon application by a licensee
 changed his place of residence such records or applications shall
 be transferred to the appropriate officer at the licensee's new place of
 residence. A duplicate copy of such application shall be filed by
 the licensing officer in the executive department, division of state 
police, Albany, within ten days after the issuance of the license. 
Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed to change the expiration
 date or term of such licenses if otherwise provided by law.

This site provides public access to certain fields from the master pistol
lpermit database maintained by the Pistol Permit Bureau of the 
New York State Police.Downloads:
What is this?
These records consist of certain fields from the pistol permit master
 database as of April 5, 2010. Despite the term "master database,"
 the pistol permit bureau actually maintains two databases, labeled
"old system" and "new system." It appears that all new pistol permits
have gone into the "new system" database. Importantly, it seems that
the "old system" lacks locational identifying data on permit-holders,
and individuals remain in the "old system" despite permit
renewals/amendments. All that is provided for the old database is a
list of names. There are almost 900,000 names in the old database
versus just over 300,000 entries in the new database.
To understand the master database, a little background on pistol
licensing in the state of New York is necessary. With a few exceptions

 (broadly, for peace officers, military, and temporary presence for transit
or certain special events), possession of a pistol is illegal in New York without a pistol
permit, which must be carried with the pistol. Pistol permits are issued locally by the
designated licensing officers of the counties/cities. Licensing will involve a background
check by local and state police, but the application is made to local authorities, the permit is
issued by local authorities at their discretion, and the record of the permit is kept by local authorities.
However, when a permit is granted or amended, the local authorities must promptly transmit this
information to the state police to be recorded in the master database.
Although the definitive records of pistol permits are kept by dozens of local agencies that are
 only easily available locally, the master database is available to law enforcement across the state.
In theory, the master database should be kept consistent with all these local records. In fact, the
database is riddled with errors, omissions, and some outright
garbage, and in some cases may not match local records.

The pistol permit database records are provided as disclosed by the State of New York. No representations
are made as to the quality
 or accuracy of this information. Pistol permits are issued, revoked, and amended on a daily basis; the
 records on this website were extracted on or about April 5, 2010. Nothing on this page is to be construed
 as legal advice. Criminal possession of a firearm is a very serious matter and you should consult with an
attorney if you have any questions about the legality of any action.
This website is in the public domain. Copy freely.