Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yo, whereyafrumm? Tannu-Tuva.

Glen, another driver at my garage, found out how simple it is to spoof people on the question of "where are you from?" He's a New York Jew and looks no less the part than I do. Yet he answered "Pakistan" and got into a discussion about comparative advantages of living in Pakistan and New York with these people. I had decided to do him one better and claim birth in Tannu-Tuva. It didn't quite work out last night as I only got the question once and ry reflex answered "New York."  I told the people of my plan and one seemed ready to believe that I am indeed from Tannu-Tuva.

Tuvan People's Republic
Tьвa Arat Respuвlik
Satellite state of the Soviet Union
FlagCoat of arms
Tuvan Internationale
ReligionTibetan Buddhism
GovernmentSocialist republic
ChairmanKhertek Anchimaa-Toka
Prime MinisterSalchak Toka
Historical eraInterwar period
 - EstablishedAugust 14, 1921
 - AnnexedOctober 11, 1944
 - 1944170,500 km²(65,830 sq mi)
 - 1944 est.95,400 
     Density0.6 /km²  (1.4 /sq mi)
CurrencyTuvan akşa

Location of the Tuvan People's Republic (modern boundaries).
The Tuvan People's Republic (or People's Republic of Tannu TuvaTuvan: Tьвa Arat Respuвlik, Тыва Арат Республик, Tyva Arat Respublik; 1921 – 1944) was a partially