Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The politics of the debt cieling.

My father's father was an outwardly pious man who did have a few vices. Now, when I was a little boy my mom vecame very ill and I went to stay for a while with gramma and grampa .One of grampa's vices was he loved Friday night wrestling on TV but being pious he couldn't turn on the TV and therefore desecrate the Sabbath, so he had my gramma turn the TV on.

I had once naively offered to do this for him not at all understanding what was going on being a Jewish boy of around five or six who ate bacon and eggs on Sunday mornings. My grampa wanted to keep his own soul clean, and didn't want his (male) guest to suffer the possible consequences of disobeying Adpnai's command, at least not while under his own roof. My grandna who I adored and who I believed was the best cook on earth, well being a woman the transgression was in grampa's opinion permissable in this emergency situation.

I developed a taste for Bedlam From Boston those few weeks I lived with them and it shows in the video I have made to try to explain the politics of the debt cieling. Enjoy it, please.

The Tea Party, which through both leverage and the fact that Obama and Reid don't really want to defeat them sees the world of five thousand years ago as this. Are we a serious modern nation?