Monday, January 14, 2013

So Chuck Schumer wants Chuck Hagel to clear some things up, maybe do a little recanting...I object!

Now, Chuck Schumer is a very powerful man and his priorities are your priorities if you pay taxes in the US of A. He heads up the Democratic Party's financing committee for Senate races, so everyone who would be a Democratic Senator shall kiss his ring, that's a given. So, this meeting is not some little chit chat. Schumer is signaling to President Obama what it is that he wants - all out support for the policies of the current regime in Tel Aviv and a military attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I went back to the war memorial to state my very critical support for Chuck Hagel's nomination, and I went to the Taft Nursery up on Madison Avenue in Harlem to tell Schumer what some of my priorities are.

Hagel to Meet Schumer to Discuss Policy Issues

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WASHINGTON — In what could be a crucial moment in the Obama administration’s efforts to advance the nomination of former SenatorChuck Hagel as secretary of defense, he will meet this week with Senator Charles E. Schumer, the most influential Jewish member of the Senate, who is expected to press Mr. Hagel on issues concerning Iran and Israel.
Mr. Schumer, Democrat of New York, will be among the first senators to meet with Mr. Hagel since his nomination last week. Mr. Schumer has told aides and other senators that he could be persuaded to support Mr. Hagel depending on the meeting’s outcome. Mr. Hagel’s nomination has been met with suspicion, andeven outright hostility, among Republicans and Democrats who are strongly aligned with Jewish groups.
Mr. Schumer plans to ask Mr. Hagel to clarify and in some ways recant statements about Iran and Israel, according to a person with knowledge of the senator’s plans for the meeting.