Friday, January 25, 2013

Videos of Eugene Weixel singing

Me singing about Thomas Friedman

This one is mainly me talking about Chuck Hagel, future president of the United States but I do a little singing around 3:50. and at 7:30. Also you get to see me wearing my tin foil hat.

This one features very hard metal and me screaming about taxi driving on New Year's Eve.

Me singing a song called "Michael Bloomberg shut up your mouth"

Crapo, The Blue Nosed Mormon

Standards for NYC taxi drivers are much higher than they are for US Senator. If a cabbie gets busted even while at home and not on duty his hack license is revked pending outcme of the case, at whch time he gets to beg for his license return.

Senator Crapo (R Odao) is a Mormon Bishop. You know, they're these very straight laced people. No drinking, no smoking, no indulgences even like a diet Pepsi. No fooling around with anyone who is not one of their wives! Very straight arrow. So How come Crapo got busted for drunk drivng?

Crapo the blued nosed Mormon
He was into politics

Crapo the blue nosed Mormon
He ran with the gang of six

All of the guys in Congress
Used to laugh and call him names

They never let poor Crapo
Play in any ole boy games

Then one cold December night
Five Oh came to say

"Crapo, with your nose so bright
won't you stay with us tonight?"

Then how the Congress loved him
As they shouted out with joy