Friday, January 25, 2013

We must have a marijuana amnesty

Mike Bloomberg, he smoked mucho marijuana  and it didn't wreck his life. Barack Obama did too and he turned out to be a successful and functional citizen.  Bill Clinton did it too (but he didn't inhale, the perpetual half stepper that he is).

Yet when I applied to become a baby snatcher I swore that I had never touched the stuff, ever, because that was a requirement for the job. Every year every New York taxi driver pisses into a cup to allow Mike Bloomberg to find out if he's been puffin' any of that there weed. If so, no go, punto.

Worse still, in this wonderful city where, as the man on WNYC says seven million people enjoy the fruits of democracy cops stop Black and Latino kids for suspicion of suspicious furtiveness, make them empty their pockets and knapsacks and lo and behold, often find marijuana! The kid then gets charged and convicted of displaying the nasty stuff and is forever more barred from college financial aid. One strike, the kid is out. Happens every day my friend.

And in jails and prisons from coast to coast kids are being raped, beaten and enslaved for the rime of what Bloomberg, Obama and Clinton did too. Seems awfully wrong to me. How about you?