Friday, February 8, 2013

More about Roger (Cohen) and me.

I wanted to make a couple of things clear: Yes, when I was a kid I took a few beatings for being Jewish, and for being son of commies who wouldn't declare their loyalty to ammurrika, and of course these two motivations overlapped. And well it ought have, as anyone who reads Vivian Gornick's Romance of American Communism would have to agree.

This post from yesterday,

Roger Cohen of the New York Times says it all in a few ill chosen words  

turned out to be about me as much as about Roger and his "Israel First" orientation. And I posted links regarding my parents battle against the Loyalty Oath which back in those days people had to sign and swear to to obtain various government services, including the privilege (and I regard it as a privilege) to live in publicly subsidized housing like we did in Queensbridge.

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Queensbridge was and is reputedly this very dangerous and very black place. Now, there was an incident when my bedroom window was shot out one night and my sister and I were unhurt by the flying glass (a miracle of a sort I guess) and we saw what looked like two black men running away from our building. It's my supposition that they were paid to do this and had not much thought about who we were or why they were paid to do this. 

In my day-to-day life my friends were the black kids, my frennemies the white, as these would alternately behave like friends and get into their God killer thing that left me perplexed. When they got into that mode the black kids would stand up in front of me and prevent me from being harmed. That's the way it was most often.

So, when I tell Roger Cohen to shut the fuck up with his "Israel Israel Israel war war war" shtick I have some moral authority to do so but I will let you in on a big secret here: So do you!      .