Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is the NYPD Really Of Use To The Population?

Original post April 16

I've come to the conclusion that the answer is "no" and I want to explain this to you.

People rely on police to keep them safe. Does the NYPD do that?

We've been filled up with propaganda, like cop shows on television, and the mythology that Rudolph Giuliani brought in scads of cops and tough tactics and strategies and that's what made New York so safe as we like to believe it is.

The fact is the rise in violent crimes into the eighties and the decline of these types of crimes after the nineties was a phenomenon that took place all over the United States with very few exceptions. This was predicted during the early debates over abortion. You see, with the legalizing of abortion there was a rise in the use of this procedure. Women who knew that they could not or would not care for a child they wee pregnant with could terminate the pregnancy, which they did and they do, as is their right. This meant a decline both in the numbers relative to population of people in the demographic group most likely to cmmit violent crime: young men ages 14 - 24. In addition far fewer children were born to mothers who could not or would not care for them or did not want to have them - these would be children who grow up particularly angry and alienated and caring little for themselves or others.

I've put some statistics onto this blog yesterday showing the low rate of actual crimes solved by police. It's also widely understood that almost none of these crimes solved involved police or detective work, but rather big mouths of certain perpetrators, and the still bigger mouths of angry jilted lovers, etc. Ask any detective to tell you the honest truth and he'd have to admit this is the case. On top of that, once someone is snared in this way, by blabbering, he will be leaned upon to plead guilty to other offenses in return for court leniency. He will often plead guilty to crimes he did not commit or even know about in return for less prison time or being sent to less severe lower security prison. So, knowing this is bad enough but it gets worse.

Google Schoolcraft, google Village Voice crime statistics - okay here is the link you can look at- http://www.villagevoice.com/2005-10-25/news/these-stats-are-a-crime/full/. Guess what? The lovely crime statistics are cooked, doctored and fake!!!!! Yes violent crime is lesser than in the seventies but it just is not as rosy as the numbers say it is.

then of course there are the incidents that should shake anyone's confidence in the NYPD. Hee are some of them:

Fifty shots into the back of Amadou Diallo.

Fifty shots fired in the killing of Sean Bell, with NYPD bullets crashing into a nearby railroad station nearly killing a railroad officer.

The crazy police action at the Empire State Building :

Now there's another one that isn't really news except that you probably don't know about it! Back when the cops who killed Sean Bell were acquitted of murder charges lots of people were pretty angry. Apparently a rumor went around the rough and tumble neighborhood called East New York (in Brooklyn) that some nasty characters were planning vengeance that night. A drug addict working for the NYPD reported this to his suppliers (NYPD). Now what would you suppose the NYPD would do in response - go out and get these nasty guys, right? Flood the streets of East New York with a wall of cops to show that NYPD has no  fear, right?


They pulled their patrols off the streets, battened down the hatches, and waited for things to cool down. In other words they abandoned the streets of the district to the criminal element in consideration of their own well being, not caring for the majority of residents who would be left defenseless against these predators. Well, I don't know if there were more or less crimes in East New York that night - I suspect there was no difference with or without the cop patrols, the MSMedia never thought it imprtant eonough to look into.

Not that they can't act tough, of course....