Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I heard #RandyCredico speak at the Mayoral Forum that was held last Saturday at Cooper Union on #RobertKnight's #FiveO'clockShadow program on #WBAI.

Randy Credico is a long time activist,and though he's a (very) liberal Democrat he's not an armchair or limo sort of a guy. I'd say he could be a most splendid mayor of the City of New York. If he wins his quest for the Democratic Party nomination I'll have to seriously think about withdrawing my independent candidacy for that very same office. I don't expect though that Randy is going to win the primary.
Randy's been an in the streets opponent of Bloomberg's anti Black people stop and frisk campaign that is waged through the offices of the NYPD.
I do have some differences with him though which is why I remain a candidate. 1 -  I think the matter of PCBs in the schools is an urgent health emergency.  I've posted a lot about that issue. Basically PCBs were used in the construction of schools from the end of the second world war until 1979 when they were banned in the US. PCBs cause cancers and cause brain damage, especially  (but not only) in children. As someone who went through public schools built in that era and whose kids did the same I have to say that it is easy to not get excited about this issue. After all, if some slight brain damage was done to me or my kids we won't ever know about it, as we all function well as afr as anyone can see. That perhaps uor functioning might have been at a higher level, and our lives of higher quality is likely had there not been PCBs in the schools we went to. That each of our chances of developing a cancer has been made worse by the PCBs is not really arguable. We do not know how many cases of ADHD, autism, intellectual disabilities that are clear and obvious can be tied to these PCBs, we only know that it causes these things. 
And so we'd all agree it's a problem that we still have PCB's in the schools (though I haven't heard what Randy has to say about this). Some candidates have plans for this problem. Mayor Bloomberg also has a ten year plan that is fiscally judicious. I say that is an insult to the children, teachers, parents and school staffs and is  a virtual death sentence for an unknown number of children.
Christine Quinn has muttered about abating the PCB problem over a five year period though she doesn't get specific at all.  five year plan is also in my way of thinking an outrage.
John Liu has a three year plan dependent on the successful sale of a special bond issue to Wall Street. Of course exposing our children to poison for "only" three years is better than doing if for five years but it's still not acceptable to me and shouldn't be acceptable to anyone.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Eugene Weixel Challenges Christine Quinn: DO something NOW about PCBs in the schools.

Well, what do you know? Under the great -  good Michael Bloomberg public school kids are being exposed to PCBs but not to worry! Mike Bloomberg has a ten year plan to clean this up. That's right, I said a ten year plan to get PCBs out of the public schools. True enough this dangerous and outrageous situation is not the newest news, though it surfaced again recently as if it were something that wasn't known about before.
Kids are and will be doomed to death by cancer as long as this situation dilly dallies along. Now, Christine, you are the head honcho of the City Council. You can't convince me that there is nthong you can actually do to spped this process up, you know getting poisons out of children's public school classrooms, something that might concern some people.

So good for you, you are running for Mayor of NYC and I am damned sure running against you. Now, do something real. NOW.

I expect you won't. When I am the mayor this shit will be job one. If I have to ask Cuomo for the national guard to do it I wll. If I have to ask Obama to give me the Army Corps of Engineers to do it I will.



EPA To Bloomberg: Ten Years Is Too Long To Rid Schools Of PCBs

Hey, what's a little cancer between friends?

2- New York is broke because rich people don't pay fair taxes.You may not know that New York State actually has a stock transfer tax that it levies on Wall Street. The problem is that New York State refunds the money to Wall Street - 16 billion dollars a year!
As mayor I will yell and scream, and lead a march on Albany and on Wall Street to get out share - eight billion dollars a year! This ought to be more than enough to pay for taking toxins out of classrooms, wouldn't you agree? And there is the little matter of the thirty-one trillion dollars the global oligarchy is hiding away in some (not all) of the global tax haven pseudo nations of the world.

Apr 06, 2013
If a group of journalists can find a hidden 31 trillion dollars do you mean to tell me that the FBI, CIA, NSA, MI5, eyc, could not and cannot do the same? That seems rathe far fetched to me, what say you? Angry yet?
Apr 21, 2013
Meanwhile the one percent steals over 31 trillions of dollars, hiding from their due share of taxes to pay for things like inspecting and regulating industrial facilities. This hiding of a third of the world's wealth is documented by al ...

I've pointed out that a group of journalists has been able to uncover the who, the where, the how much, the account numbers of tax dodging plutocrats who are utilizing the Cayman Islands, the British West Indies and Cook Island to doge their fair share of taxes. At this point all of this money ought to be fair game for the tax authorities of the world, including New York City's tax authorities! If the NYPD detectives are worth anything at all they will do two things: 1- Investigate vehicular assault and manslaughter cases and 2-Get the information that the journalists were able to get about the hidden trillions and thereby allow my tax getters to go get the money that New York City is owed, plus penalties, plus interest.  Segueing to my third point which is that the NYPD that we all know has to be abolished and can be.  

Apr 07, 2013
An estimated one third of the world's wealth is concealed from tax authorities in this manner. While it's been very well known for a long time finally someone - a private consortium of journalists - has excavated the who, how ...
Apr 06, 2013
Angry yet? THE GLOBAL MUCKRAKER. News from The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Impact. Release of Offshore Records Draws Worldwide Response. By Emily Menkes. secrecy for sale In 48 hours ...

3-  Abolish the NYPD and replace it with a people's safety progtam. the challenge to today's detectives is that they'd best get snapping on that auto assault and auto manslaughter stuff and that money thing too, you know the Cayman Islands and all. That's how they might prove that they should keep their jobs in the new force. Otherwise we get the top grads at the CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice to be professional investigators, not gun thugs, in the new non NYPD set up.

Apr 18, 2013
I've come to the conclusion that the answer is "no" and I want to explain this to you. People rely on police to keep them safe. Does the NYPD do that? We've been filled up with propaganda, like cop shows on television, and ...
Apr 19, 2013
The NYPD has a full time one thousand member anti-terrorism task force that is I guess busy now keeping us all safe, like they did in Times Square on December 30 2009 when the NYPD had allowed an illegally parked white ...
Mar 26, 2013
NYPD race/class arrogance against a taxi driver. New York Taxi Drivers are subjected to racial and class based arrogance on the part of the media, much of the public and NYPD. Here's an example: ...
Apr 08, 2013
NYPD Thug whacks 69 year old judge in the throat, gets "investigated." ... NYPD Thug whacks 69 year old judge in the throat, ... Wild New York Hawk Eats Wild New York Rat · Dirty Little Bytch endorses this blog · A Question ...