Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Queensbridge memories

There's a guy at my garage who lived in Queensbridge around the same time I did and his memory is a much stronger faculty than is mine. He remembers the names of lots of people, their personality traits -  and we're talking 55 - 60 years ago. As he talked I remembered more things good bad and indifferent.

Bad: The names of the three guys who cornered me in the school yard, the name and face of the guy who delivered the kick to my balls. The name, face and words of School guidance counselor Miss Gajar as I was writhing on the ground: "You shouldn't do that on school grounds,"

"Fucking with Hotlips." Hotlips was the uniformed but unarmed guy who tried to enforce stuff like "Keep Off The Grass." It was later that the Housing Police were formed and later still that they were fully merged into NYPD.

The Buggy Beacon movie house - Tarzan, Three Stooges movies and Warner Brother cartoons. Paying to get in and then opening the exit door for cohorts, Hassling the movie matron who tried to eject non paying audiences. Going to see Elvis in Jailhhouse Rock with my mom.

Rock throwing battles with rival buildings, (Fun). The abortive tunnel I planned with the brothers Peter abd Alfred Michelle during a phase when they were not tormenting me.