Monday, May 20, 2013

Why I voted for Obama and do not have "buyer's remorse."

It's pretty simple actually. Obama was the Black guy who came out in support of marriage equality. Obama was the guy with that foreign sounding name. Obama was the guy who was the target of the bigots.

Romney was the Mormon guy, remember who they are?  Not  coincidentally while Romney was campaigning the Mormon Church was making a major push, not only in the streets, but on the media also. The wind has been taken out of the sails of the cultural fascist right.

Romney was the guy being paid by criminal "bomb Iran" zionist fanatic Sheldon Adelson.

There are not much as far as differences go between the GOP and its Demopublican handmaiden when it comes to other matters, and they play an excellent three card monte game.

In the coming NYC mayoral vote there is no serious difference in either style or content among the leading "realistic" candidates and so perhaps it is time to consider going "unrealistic" and back the taxi driver who has no money and doesn't want yours.

Eugene Weixel is the candidate for New York City Mayor who will not kiss any babies!

I won't kiss anyone's kid until:

1 -  Not one kid goes to bed hungry.
2 -  Not one kid  attends a school that is unfit. All PCBs removed as guickly as humanly possible.
3 -  Every kid has a safe place to go to after school.
4 - No young man or woman is under threat from armed thugs, either official (NYPD) or unofficial gangsters.

Vote For Eugene Weixel, Mayor of New York

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Eugene Weixel is the completely different candidate running the completely different campign. Here is the how and the why:

I want your support no matter where you live no matter what your citizenship or residency is. How will you support me? For one thing retweet and favor this post. Email it, put it on your blog, your facebook page whatever. Make a copy and put it on your community bulletin board, in your laundromat, in your apartment building lobby. Talk about it with your friends, your co workers, fellow students, fellow soldiers, your family. Talk about it on talk radio. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT send me any campaign contributions! I DO NOT WANT THEM!

I want all of us to deliver a death blow to money in politics. How do we do that? We do that by supporting and voting for the candidate who spends the least money on the campaign! I intend to spend less than three hundred dollars on this whole damned campaign.: "I will not ask special interests for money."say some candidates. Well, I will not ask anyone at all for money!

Eugene, you might ask, how can you campaign for mayor of New York City spending just about zilch, nothing, nada, rien?


So then what is our reality really? Our reality is if we get another eight years of corporate mayorship there will be no poor people, no working poor, no lower middle class, no middle middle class,  no upper middle class living in New York City. You will be totally priced out. If you still have a job in New York City you will be living somewhere out in the boondocks and spending a big chunk of your life (your precious nonrefundable time) and your money (which represents your time or your life) commuting. You will live the life of a hellion.

Reality means we have to wake the freak up, smell the freakin' coffee and get the hell real! Amd if the corpos win their entire game plan, "clean out" the hoy poloy from their emerald city, New York  this will happen everywhere, and I mean everywhere on earth. It is in everyone's interests everywhere to defeat money politics, overturn the dominant logic of "political realism" which means trying to decide which corporate candidate might do the least harm, and "GO FOR IT"

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vote For Eugene Weixel Independent Candidate For Mayor of New York City

I Promise if elected

I will not live in Gracie Mansion, but will continue living in the General Grant Houses. Gracie Mansion will be given over to community organizations that serve the poor and that raise awareness among the 99 percent.

We will demand our share of the stock purchase tax that Albany collects and then returns to Wall Street. Our share is eight billion per year.

As a candidate and as mayor I promise not to visit Israel or the occupied territories. I will not kiss the wailing wall or anything else to get elected and to serve without a media blitz against me.

Foster care will be reduced by 90 percent. Child protection will be given over to empowered communities, churches, mosques, temples, tenant organizations, families. Every abused or neglected child's parents will be given real and effective help- that of the family, friends, neighbors, teachers, who care about the child. 

Child Protective Services, being a gigantic drain on the budget and feeding the foster-prison pipeline will be done away with. There are at times children are in danger. Communities will be empowered to take such children into their care and allow the intense situation to cool out. No more stupid decisions about children made by detached social workers and cops.

Drop in centers that will be well run will welcome children and families who need a rest from stress. NO person in New York City will suffer from involuntary hunger.

The NYPD as we know it will be gone. Communities know what is best for themselves. Very often "gangs" are simply organizations of youths who give themselves and each other safety and economic opportunities. Many "gang" members in fact want to serve their communities. Efforts like those of Minister Farrakhan and Reverend Sharpton are going to be welcomed and encouraged.  Actual professional detectives could be retained. We need to see what they can really do- Let's get to solving vehicular assault and manslaughter cases. Let's get to finding the same infomation that news reporters did when they got the who how much what account numbers for 31 trillion hidden dollars. If they can do this can the much vaunted NYPD detectives do it too? If not, how about finding an honest job.

Self defense is a natural God given right. Individuals and communities have the absolute right to defend themselves, Community organizations shall be empowered to make citizen arrests when called for.

Punishment for crime will center on the criminal making restitution and acknowledging his wrongdoing, and once the debt to society and the victim is paid, that person will be afforded the opportunity to work and live in society. This would also apply to the one percenters who cough up their hidden loot before we have to dig it up ourselves. Redemption and rehabilitation is possible. So is Attica.

Every young person will be in school or working. Not every person is going to be an academic success. There is so much work to be done on our infrastructure there is no sane reason anyone who wants to work has no work. WE need to prepare for the next hurricane Sandy. We need a Staten Island subway connection with the rest of the city. We need to repair our roads, bridges, tunnels, school buildings.

Diane Ravitch or a person of her choosing will be in charge of our schools. Our school system will be great again.

Civil Service will be reformed. Read this post to see what I mean.

I will support "living wage" legislation and regulation.

New York's wonderful anti discrimination laws will be enforced, up to and including imprisonment and the taking of unlawfully operated businesses and residential property.

We will have legalized casino gambling in New York City to rival Monte Carlo, not Atlantic City. Rich people will be encouraged to come here and gamble to their hearts' content. Minimum wagers and dress codes will prevent working and middle class people from wasting their money at the tables.

There will be zoned legalized prostitution, as rumor has it most of the high end strip clubs are fronts for this business anyway. No ault who is earning a living by way of selling sex will be prosecuted, persecuted, chased down or made into a cash cow for cops, judges, jailers, lawyers, etc. Public nuisances outside the zones will not be tolerated.

All forms of human trafficking will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This includes the practice of exploiting undocumented workers and children in all fields of business, not only the sex business.

We will roll back the bridge tolls within the city limits. New subway and express bus service to all parts of the city will be expanded and kept affordable.