Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brooklyn Hasidic Ultra Orthodox Jews Bring Their School Buses To City Hall To Protest Against Israel

Published on Jun 11, 2013
It was the day of the Puerto Rican annual parade and I was ready for that but not for these buses jamming lower Broadway. These guys are upset because the non ultras of Israel have got tired of them not having to serve in their military or do much of anything.

As usual the womenfolk stayed at home.

I would be curious as to how it would work out trying to militarize dudes like these but I am not a sympathizer of Israel so I wold not want to advise them on how to modernize these walking relics.. I remember when I was a draftee I saw one guy like these being harassed into running up a hill at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. As I recall they all got deferments as clergy, so this guy must have fucked up his paper work.