Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mayoral Candidate Eugene Weixel Says Bloomberg's "vast and meteoric increase in wealth" during his administration "Must be scrutinized and if laws apply, let the chips fall where they may."

Independent Write in candidate for Mayor of New York Eugene Weixel calls for a special investigating and prosecutorial body to look into how New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's personal fortune quadrupled during his three terms as New York City's Mayor. 

I believe in miracles but I also believe sometimes people violate rules, regulations and laws when they feel it's to their advantage and people of the Mayo's class tend not to be  criminally prosecuted. Even more to the point they believe that they are invincible and omniscient.

There is this little matter of the Bloomberg Terminal scandal. It hasn't gotten much attention but believe me when I become mayor it will.

Rather than rehash the many muffled scandals of the Bloomberg years. Major financial scandals were Citytime, 911 Tech System, The Haggerty case,

NYPD, Bloomberg's private army intimidates blogger who has the nerve to confront Bloomberg over the 911 Tech System scandal . When I become mayor these guys in this video will be ex cops as wo;; most of them.

Here is an update how astoundingly Bloomberg's wealth has increased every year, especially since taking an interest in, and entering, politics.  It is very hard to find others with similar wealth trajectories, although David H. Koch is another New Yorker who has been involved in politics who has also seen significant wealth increases at the same time.  See the update below (Forbes publishes figures in September and again in February):

1996 - $1 billion
1997 - $1.3 billion
1998 - $2 billion
1999- $2.5 billion
2000- $4 billion
2001- $4 billion
2002- $4.8 billion
2003- $4.9 Billion
2004- $5 Billion
2005- $5.1 Billion
2006- $5.3 Billion
2007- $11.5 billion
2008- $20 billion
2009- $16 billion (interim March figure)*
2009- $17.5 billion (A year of $105 million in direct campaign expenditures, plus. .)**
2010- $18.0 billion (Bloomberg surpassed by David H. Koch)
2011- $19.5 billion
2012- $25 billion
2013- $27 billion

Something rotten in the state of Denmark? I dunno Marcellus, you tell me.