Saturday, June 29, 2013

I am a techno klutz and get wiped out on the wave of the future.

I got this great new phone. I swear it is more powerful than the computer they used to design the atom bomb. It does so many things I cannot keep up with. I bought it with mine main purpose which was to participate in one of the new virtual taxi hailing set ups called Hail O which I have little doubt is the wave of the future.

The phone. Well, it makes sounds to tell me things and the pages flip by at their won chosen speed which happens to be too fast for me.  don't know how to get to the actual telephone part fast enough to actually answer it when it "rings" or whatever you call that noise. Messages ditto but in triplicate. My stepdaughter who is in an Ivy League university says that it took her two weeks to master the very same model.

So how do I deal with this thing barking at me when I am trying to drive somewhere? Especially when I was given a job with a deadline that definitely assumed I would make a u turn and burn at least one red light. And damned I'm on my way, traffic is temporarily stopped by an unloading truck and the damned thing goes off. I do get to answer it, no I think I recovered the number and called back one two three and "Where are you?!" (Driving, you so and so.)  Like a female drill sergeant. I got flustered and lost concentration and went the wrong way. She cancelled out the job and I did not know how to notify the damned app.

When I finally did I was locked out for at least the rest of the shift if not forever.

Well, there's always Uber (I swore I'd never work with anything called Uber) and ZabKab. Today will tell the tale.