Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What would it mean if Eugene Weixel got 100,000 write in votes for mayor of New York City in 2013.

It would shake politics all over the world and for the better.

Eugene Weixel, candidate who says "I don't want your money." Running a virtually money free campaign against well financed opposition. Eugene Weixel who does not curry favor with the mainstream media, who puts out radical ideas.

This would mean there are 100,000 people in New York City who are telling the one percent and the permanent government to shove off.

This would shake the world. To do it we need the moral support of people everywhere.

This campaign is right now the most subversive thing the 99 percent could be doing to undermine the power of the one percent especially the power they still have over the mentalities of the 99 percent for as I have said "the only thing that the one percent has in common with the 99 percent exists in the minds of the 99 percent."

The idea is to promote the ideas, information and attitude of please don't vomit in the taxi. All's fair in love and war.

My campaign for mayor has and will have no money to speak of, which is appropriate because I call for money out of politics.

My points of difference with all the others beyond the fact that I do not want campaign contributions, just mral, social media amd word of moith support from all over the world are:

1- I say that PCBs in public schools represent an imminent health emergency and that it is criminal that none of the others see it that way. They argue about how much it will cost to fix up0 a problem that's been known of since 1979! .

2- I want our money from the one percenters. New York State has a stock transfer tax right now, but they refund every dime (and more) to Wall Street. We're talking 16 billion dollars a year state wide.

A group of journalists have uncovered the who , the where , the how much of 31 trillions of dollars being hidden from tax authorities world wide. They say they can't reveal the details for ethical reasons. That may be. I think the over riding reason is "I don't want to die quite yet." If our NYPD detectives are worth a damn, and they have offices all over the world, they can get on this case and get everyone back their money, want it or not.

3- Abolish the thug gang that's called the NYPD and replace it with an organized, humane, armed population.

5- Abolish the baby snatchers! I was one for ten years! They do much more harm than good and alwaysw will. Mistreated children need empowered parents, if these fail, then an empowered community- religious, cultural, educational groups and individuals empowered to step in and do what's right.. The current system is brutal, is an excuse to gather data on the target communities which are black, latino, immigrant and non conforming others.