Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rebecca Harshbarger at the #NYPost the matter of ehail of taxis still is important. It's about NYC encouraging distracted driving by cabbies

I was pleased to see you follow me and contact me. It is important and no one in the media is on it but you that Ehailing taxis, specifically the Hailo taxi app with which I am familiar encourages distracted driving much like texting and driving and making phone calls and driving. You know it is important and you wanted to do a story on it but I guess the higher ups killed it because I am after all a crazy radical who does not appreciate Mr. Murdoch. Or maybe it was simpler. Is Hailo buying ads from any Murdoch publication?

Anyhow Rebecca it is a crying shame because you know that people are going to get hurt even killed if it has not yet happened due to the amoral greed of the people at Hailo and the support they are getting from media and government alike.

Yes, someone will die because the people are not being warned. Not good. It is not necessary to mention me in any article about the dangers posed by Hailo. I am not important in this, People getting hit by errant taxis is.

Jul 15, 2013
Hailo does not solve a problem that for the most part does not exist in NYC, that of a taxi shortage. Like even a quick lunch at McDonalds, sometimes a person has to wait but in New York City there is an abundance of taxis ...
Jul 20, 2013
Why I call #Hailo a cult. @davidyassky #publicsafety $nyc. I'd say a cult is a group of people organized around an irrational narrative that cannot be questioned. Also a cult relates to society at large on its own terms. The false ...
Jul 18, 2013
@MikeBloomberg @DavidYassky @HailoNYC @JoshMohrer A video about texting and driving that puts #Hailo and #Uber on my mind. As we approached the deadline I had given f July 4 my own life went into not a free f all ...

Jul 05, 2013
It is a problem that the general public should know about if someone is driving and inputing data at the same time. At the start of every shift the Hailo driver taps an icon that commits him not to use the app unless he is standing.
Jun 30, 2013
NYC Taxi cabs: Several full circles from the local PTB regarding HailO etc. Back in the early eighties the New York Times led a crusade to get two way radios out of yellow taxi cabs. Most didn't have them, but some did.
Jul 16, 2013
I've been doing what I can to wake people up to the danger posed by the Hailo taxi hail app that can and will cause traffic accidents so that some scamsters can make some money. The idiot MSM reprints these people's press ...
Jul 17, 2013
Hmm UBER, ""Step into my car don't worry if I have a license or am properly insured or have a few outstanding warrants. Trust #Uber (or #Hailo" ". Taxi owners and drivers better wake up to the smartphone app threat.