Sunday, August 4, 2013

I am withdrawing from the race for mayor of New York City and endorsing Randy Credico

My life circumstances make it ridiculous to continue trying to run a campaign, although I still wish that I could. I have wanted to inject issues and some solutions that no candidate including Randy Credico seem willing or able to raise. One can
peruse this blog to see that I raise issues such as the urgent need to get PCB's out of public school classrooms on an emergency basis. I speak about the fact that a group of journalists was able to uncover The Who, the how much, the fake corporate shells, all that nasty stuff that has existed under a rock for so long 31 trillion dollars the class of scum that has seceded from the human race have hidden from their own servants who manage governments and nations on behalf of this very body of scum one third of the wealth of the world. they evade paying taxes and as a result the quality of life for billions of people is cruelly and cold bloodedly  diminished.

I say that if journalists can overturn the rock this slimy mess lives under then so can our much vaunted NYP D detective s. They have offices all over the world so let them get cracking and get us our money!

Anyhow I cannot run a campaign. Randy Credico can and his positions are closer to mine than any other candidates.

Credico is a decent honest sincere capable and well meaning person who were he elected would be a breath of fresh clean air not only in our city but all.over the world.

And so no matter who you are where will you live for what your legal status might be a strong Credico campaign is what is the best thing  that could happen so find his website and put your shoulders to the wheel.