Monday, August 5, 2013

inside the tiny cramped mind of a taxi driver who likes hailo, and the moderators at the Guardian Comment Is Free put an uppity taxi driver in his place.

A fellow at my garage approached me and asked me about hailo. He recalled that not so long ago I bought a smartphone in order to work with Hailo. He was a bit surprised to hear me say that Hailo is really really no good and that in fact I have been campaigning against them.

He told me that his friend another guy who works at our garage likes Hailo.

The three of us had a short chat. the guy who likes Hailo who I will call Myron said that Hailo was great because he once got an airport job from them.

Yes it is true he said that passengers call drivers while the driver is driving but that that does not happen so often.

I asked Myron if he uses zHailo when the streets are busy and flush with people who are looking for taxi. He looked at me as though I'm crazy wrinkled his face and said loudly No!

I asked him a few more questions. The answer that might impress 5you the most, that is to say the answer Myron gave me, was that at the end of a ride having to input the fare and tip is not a problem because in his words "I just press $3". I asked him if he knew that Hailo is emailing receipts to his passengers for $3 regardless of what they actually gave him. He told me that if the passenger wants  the receipt he could give him one and so the receipt that Hailo emails to the passenger  is a business document that has false information. since no taxi ride in New York has been as cheap as that since before Flip was Geraldine some sticklers for detail may suspect fraudulent intent. possibly a passengers' accountant might look at that receipt and say what the f*** is this?

Myron said that no one could put in all of those numbers correctly then award the passenger the right amount of stars all the time to indicate the drivers' feelings about him or her, so he, (Myron just taps any number and any star.)

It so happens that I was accused on the Guardian forum about my anti Hailo article that appeared in The Guardian,s Comment is free feature of racism  of not caring if black people cannot get taxis. I would like to point out that anti black Hailo drivers can and probably are down rating black passengers which could make it less likely the next time they seek a ride from Hailo that a driver would accept the ride. Down rated passengers are lower priority to even get a Hailo taxi. My self defense efforts were apparently blocked by the Comment is free moderators, as to leave the impression that I was left speechless or did not care. Now some of my blocked comments were strong. I was responding to rude remarks about me. But I guess even in a forum about the the article I wrote it was expected I would take rudeness and not give it back, me being a menial and all. As one unmoderated comment even called me a rude taxi driver

You have a right not to be mowed down on the streets of New York City by taxi drivers who are not focused on the streets but are fiddling with Hailo or Uber apps.

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