Monday, September 16, 2013

Me, Noel Ignatiev race treason, Black people who can't get a taxi and black people who somehow do get taxis but don't pay the taxi driver the fare.

Noel Ignatiev believes that white privilege can be abolished if ten percent of whites become traitors to the "white race" and therefore loyal to the human race. He says that according to economists if a country's currency becomes diluted by ten percent counterfeit then the legal currency is destroyed since no one will trust it or accept it. He says if ten percent of whites no longer identify with their rulers and cops then these rulers and cops will no longer trust whiteness and will treat whites the same as they treat ,Blacks.

How would this theory explain why Black taxi drivers either won"t take Black passengers or try to screen out "types" of Black people from taking control by becoming passengers?

Well when most NY cabbies were white native born the answer was easy: they're racists. Now when so many taxi drivers are Black this theory gets thrown into doubt st the least. I am here to report that less than ninety percent of young Black males who get into a taxi will pay the full fare or any fare let alone leave a customary tip. They are counterfeit passengers. Call them revolutionaries or call them something else but they make it difficult for others.

This last shift I got beat out of $40 and an hour of my life by a young revolutionary Bronx resident. When I took him I knew we were talking fifty fifty not ten ninety.. Fifty fifty is my educated estimate of counterfeit young Black male
e Bronxward bound riders.

I am philosophical about it. I know I have benefited from Blacks being oppressed and I move on to the next Black passenger. I even sympathize with the guy who did this to me but trust me. I am one in a million.