Saturday, September 28, 2013

Taxi Drivers for Credico Mayor of New York 2013

Taxi drivers for Credico 2013

Randy Credico is running for Mayor of New York on the Tax Wall Street Party line. His plans include reducing the heavy fines put on taxi and livery drivers who provide transportation for millions of New Yorkers and our guests every day and who struggle with low pay, no sick days, paid vacation or medical benefits. We taxi drivers are taxed fifty cents every time the meter goes on - money that is given to the corrupt Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Randy Credico believes that there should be a tax on Wall Street transactions just as there is a tax on taxi rides and hot dogs. He would use this money to guarantee a job to every New Yorker at at least $12.00 per hour. He would bring back tuition free City University and end NYPD and ACS (Child so called Protective Services) brutality and racial arrogance. He would clean these two departments top to bottom.

People who cannot vote still can support Randy Credico's fight for a better New York for the working class for the poor and for the middle classes. Make a sign and display it. Tell people about Randy Credico. Look up Credico 2013 organization on line and make copies of his campaign poster. Whether you are a citizen or not Randy Credico, a Hispanic man whose life is one of a doer not just a talker is your candidate.

Do not believe the professional liars who try to bury this campaign and do not let them do it. This is our fight. We can win it and make this city and this country and this world a better place.