Wednesday, October 9, 2013

If #uber is in fact scamming its investors and the #taxiandlimousinecommission is running interference for #uber then the TLC would be aiding and abetting a scam. Ditto #hailo

Uber and Hailo buy good press but are major failures in the real world. Investors who are not doing due diligence with these apps will have themselves to blame.

These services not only endanger the public they do not work! Invewstors can be baffled by bullshit they do not understand, either technology or the taxi business and convinced to invest or lend large amounts of money. News reporters who have no ethics whatsoever are convinced if not paid outright to generate glowing reports about these dysfunctional car services. The NYC TLC goes along with other municipal agencies world wide in not looking at these services for themselves, but taking the word of the scamsters.