Monday, November 25, 2013

Answered by Attorney General Schneiderman's office with a brush-off letter from Jennifer Tickner Director for Correspondence Log#13-21115

I would imagine mine was the 21,115 th inquiry, comment or complaint to cross her desk in the year 2013 which would explain the reason for the brush - off letter: if my complaint is serious and if it might have merit I'll be back louder, clearer and via Insured snail mail.

Ms. Tickner advised that I contact the Taxi and Limousine Commission and ask them for the authority under which they tax me six cents a ride and give this money to Bhairavi Dessai. This collection has been going on since October first and as of today neither the TLC nor Ms. Dessai have given details about the benefits that were due to start for all eligible taxi drivers "around the middle of November." Eligibility is not explained. I do not even know if I am a member of a fund entitled to a vote on who is sitting on the board of directors or  a client who does not need to know who sits on the board or whether there is a board of directors at all.

I do not know any details such as who provides the coverages that are "around" a week late and counting.

What does the dental plan consist of. Where is the list of the dentists who accept this coverage? What is the deductible and what is the copayment? Same questions about  the optical coverage

The disability coverage is supposed to be "up to" $325 .per week for "up to" six months. Who is the carrier? How was the carrier chosen? How long is the waiting period before benefits begin? Who decides if a client is disabled? Whose physician? How is it decided that the benefit payments cease in any case?

We have been paying into this fund since October first! We  deserve to be treated like adults! Where are the answers?