Sunday, November 24, 2013

I hope this is my last word regarding the terrible accident of Monday morning on Meeker Avenue in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area of Brooklyn Thinking about the angry comments I have gotten I flashed back to my days at Fort Wadsworth which were the Vietnam War days

It's there to see that I was a conscripted member of the US Army between 07/21/1967 and 07/19/1969.  Why I came to be at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island New York and not in Vietnam is explained in my post regarding how I tripped over a wrinkle in the uniform code of military justice and in the several posts regarding my Fort Wadsworth days including my membership in the clerk's mafia and my interactions with the Sicilian Mafia too.

One of the military duties I had to do at Wadsworth but have not yet written about was called "Body Escort." This was the responsibility to stay with the body of a dead Vietnam soldier from its arrival at Dover Airforce Base in Delaware to its burial.One such instance stays in my memory. It was that of tnhe funeral at a big Roman Catnholic Cnhurck in Bay Ridge Brooklyn of an 18 year old boy who had volunteered to be in the Army and also had volunteered for combat duty. As I recall sadness filled the air until that was replaced by shock. The boy's best uncle approached the casket and berated the dead soldier loudly and in tears. Demanded that the dead boy answer him as to how and why he could have brought such grief and sadness to his own mother, the uncle's sister.I don't recall exactly know he got removed from the church that afternoon but that he was is clear to my memory. I recall my hope at that moment that the uncle's words might have a good impact on some of the dead boy's friends.

Now we have another young man. Ne decided that it would be a good idea to ride his bike at 3:53ion the morning in the rain on a major thoroughfare. I did post the photographic results of nhis decisiopn.Tnhis apparently angered some people.

I also was intent on bringing to light once again the Bloomberg 911 scandal. Google it. It appears that Bloomberg decided on a new 911 system that is slower than the olde one and and according to the fire fighters union this costs people's lives. This is especially important because the young man was still alive when the ambulance arrived.Anger should be directed to thne City Council for sitting still while Bloomberg raped the 911 system, not at me.

It is not too late to impeach Michael Bloomberg.Better late than never.