Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dear fellow taxi drivers. Six cents a ride is not buying you Obamacare. It is being stolen from you!

We are being robbed by Michael Bloomberg who is giving it to the Taxi Workers Alliance who stopped fighting him and are now with him 100% against the business we work in. Just look at the green taxis - Taxi Workers Alliance FAVORS putting them on the street and it also supported 2000 more medallion taxis! They are in favor of more competition against you and still claim that they are your  union. A union protects its numbers livelihood. Taxi Workers Alliance joined the attack on your income and you are now forced to give them six cents every trip.
Medical insurance is very expensive. Obamacare helps people who do not make enough money to buy medical insurance. That is a good thing. What is wrong is when Bloomberg's friends try to trick you into believing that they are buying you Obamacare insurance or that you need to go to them - with this money of yours that Bloomberg is stealing from you every working day.
Here are people who can help you understand Obamacare and get the best insurance possible for you. The federal government  is paying several organizations to help you get Obamacare and to get the subsidy you may be entitled to.
There is no good reason for the city government to collect a tax on taxi drivers and nobody else that was not passed by the State Legislature or the City Council in order for: you to get these services.
Community Service Society at www.cssny.org - also Unitted Way, NAACP, Catholic Church and other religious organizations  an help you get the information that you need.